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Everyday Publications Inc. (EPI) is a non-profit organization, run by faith.

EPI stands for Everyday Publications Inc. In 1964 Dr. R.E. Harlow and his wife, Gertrud, started a small publishing work to help provide Bible study materials for believers in Africa. It was registered in Canada as a non-profit charity so that the Lord's people with an exercise to help financially could receive a tax receipt. U.S. citizens may forward gifts through CMML in New Jersey.

Dr. R.E. & Gertrud Harlow

Dr. Harlow wrote a small commentary on the book of Genesis called, Start of the Race. Gertrud Harlow translated it into the Swahili language for distribution in, what is now, the D. R. Congo in Africa, where the Harlows had worked as missionaries for some years. From those simple beginnings the work has grown.

Everyday English

While serving as missionaries in Africa in the late '40s and early '50s, the Harlows were appalled by the lack of Bible study materials for the less educated believers in Africa. Some of the Africans had a working knowledge of English, simply as a trade language, but found it difficult to understand the academic level in which most Bible study material is written. Dr. Harlow, an educator and co-founder of the Emmaus Bible School as well as the Emmaus Correspondence courses, soon adopted a method of writing called, Everyday English. It was based, not so much on limited vocabulary, as on the concept of short, uncluttered sentences. This made it easy to understand and also easier to translate. A complete set of commentaries on the entire Bible, is now available in Everyday English.

Other Languages

The first book, Start of the Race was translated into Swahili. Successive books have been translated into Swahili and in more recent years other languages have been added. EPI books are now available from the office in Port Colborne in French, Portuguese and Spanish as well as English and Swahili.

Many missionaries have undertaken, at their own expense, the daunting task of translating and printing EPI books into the local language of the area where they work. More…

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People of EPI

EPI Staff

Currently the Lord has blessed EPI with 9 commended workers. More…

EPI Authors

The Lord has led authors from all over the world to write books to see the saints grow through EPI. More…

EPI Board

EPI has a board who love the Lord and seek to look for His leading and will. More…

EPI Financial Policy

The information on the following page is intended for those who have first committed themselves to pray for this ministry and those who labor therein and then have been exercised, by the Lord, to contribute financially to the Lord's work at Everyday Publications. More…


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