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God's Rescue Mission
Year 1: Student Guide
by Brian Cretney

What is God’s Rescue Mission?.
In one word: the GOSPEL!.

God's Rescue Mission is a great tool for not only existing School Ministries’ programs, but also for those interested in starting new programs. I know that with great teachers this curriculum will have a life-changing impact on students.
Ken Breivik
National Executive Director, School Ministries Inc.

God's Rescue Mission
Year 1: Teacher Guide
by Brian Cretney

What is God’s Rescue Mission?.
In one word: the GOSPEL!.

School Ministries has been involved in the Release Time Religious Education program for nearly 30 years and has thousands of students who participate every year. They refer to it as Release Time Bible Education as they introduce public school students to the Word of God. Their main goal is to “assist Christians across the country to start, sustain, and grow Release Time Bible Education (RTBE) programs” in their states.

Election & Predestination
by Peter Kerr

Looking For Answers, Not Argument.

Researching a topic by reading multiple books, hearing sermons, attending conferences, studying Church history, or going to Bible college or seminary does not necessarily mean we have understood a subject biblically. We may have merely accessed peoples’ opinions or even been convinced into a perspective because we have heard it so many times. The only way to truly understand a biblical issue is to search it out throughout the entire Bible itself — surveying every usage and occurrence, paying rigorous attention to specific context, and meticulously researching how the Bible itself presents and uses each word and concept.

My Hope is in the Lord
by Eunice Free

“Heaven is my HOPE. My HOPE is in the LORD.”

Does that mean,

“I really HOPE the LORD lets me into Heaven”?

“ We ... have fled for refuge to lay hold on the hope set before us: which we have as an anchor for the soul, both sure and stedfast ... ”
- Hebrews 6.18,19

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