Elders/Leaders/Teachers Resources

EPI has several different book titles to support local church leadership. We have teamed up with the creators of Elders Shopnotes and also have other valuable resources for leaders. By request, we can provide you with a sample kit that includes some resources and a catalogue that might be an encouragement for elders and leaders of a local church.
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Practical Teaching:
  • Elders’ Shopnotes (ESN) is a series of books covering practical issues that elders face on a regular basis
  • Training of A Shepherd examines instruction given in the NT for elders
Doctrinal Teaching:

We offer doctrinal books to help equip leaders in order to more effectively teach sheep in their care. Some examples include:

  • Eternal Security
  • Biblical Balance on Election & Freewill
Teaching about the Church:
  • God’s design for the New Testament Church and how it can function in a way that glorifies our Head

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