We have the great privilege of praying for one another. Even when our prayers are for other’s needs, we are blessed in return!
  • It follows the example of the Lord Jesus Christ - Romans 8:34
  • It demonstrates our obedience to the Word of God - 1 Timothy 2: 1-4
  • It makes us co-laborers in God’s plan of salvation for man - Matthew 9: 37-38
  • It helps us share in the burdens of others – Galatians 6: 2
  • It helps our fellow believers to withstand temptation and trials – Luke 22:32
  • It draws us closer to God – Colossians 1: 9-11
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Impressions Vol. 17 No.1, 2021

Impressions Vol. 17 No.1, 2021


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  • Impressions Vol. 16 No.3, 2020
  • Impressions Vol. 16 No.2, 2020
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