Entiende tu Biblia

Understand Your Bible

Wilfred A. Munnings


In just nine short chapters, the author takes the reader through such topics as the seven dispensations, the difference between the Jew and Gentile, the church of God and more.

Here he takes us in nine short chapters through the seven dispensations, and the difference between Jew, Gentile and the Church of God, the comings of Christ, the two resurrections, law and grace, the two natures of the believer, salvation and rewards, and the five judgements! This book will truly help you to Understand the Bible.

Table of Contents


God’s Plan for All Time
Time of Innocence
Time of Conscience
Time of Human Government
Time of God’s Promises
Time of Law
Time of God’s Grace
Time of Jesus’ Reign on Earth

The People of the Bible
The Gentiles
The Jews
The Church

Jesus’ Coming
Jesus’ Coming for Believers
Jesus’ Coming to Punish Sinners
Jesus’ Coming to Save Israel

Two Resurrections
First Resurrection
Other Resurrection

God’s Law and God’s Grace
The Law of God
The Grace of God

Two Natures
The Old Nature
The New Nature

True Believers and Pretending Believers
True Believers
True Believers and Pretenders

Salvation and Rewards

The Judgments
The Judgment of Christ on the Cross
The Judgment of the Sins of the Believers
The Judgment of Believers’ Doings
The Judgment of the Nations
The Judgment of Sinful Dead People


This book is planned to help you understand the Bible. You will have to read many verses in the Bible which will help you understand other verses. For this it is necessary for you to have a Bible beside you. So the first thing is to buy or borrow a Bible, or at least a New Testament.

This book is for you. Please try to get the whole Bible when you can. This book takes some verses from the Old Testament too, and it is good to find them and read them for yourself.

You may have read the Bible often, but you still find some things that you do not understand. We hope this book may help you to understand those hard things. The Bible is God’s message and is not too difficult to understand, but you may need some help. We read about a man in Acts 8:30-33 who didn’t understand the verses he was reading from the Old Testament. Philip explained the meaning of the verses and the man understood God’s message and went away happy.

We hope this book will help you understand God’s message in the Bible for you.

Wilfred A. Munnings

Wilfred A. Munnings served the Lord with his wife in India for 17 years. He was one of the very few who obtained first class honors in both the written and spoken examinations in the Tamil language. He was active in the Emmaus Correspondence ministries.

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