1ère, 2ème, 3ème lettre de Jean et JudeBarua za Yoane na Yuda

1ST, 2ND & 3RD John & Jude

Robert Henry Sykes


Our love for the Lord Jesus Christ will lead us to reach out to little ones and bring them to Him.

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There were eight men God chose to write the New Testament. John wrote more than any other except the Apostle Paul. Jude wrote the least. These four epistles are full of God's truth. You will get great blessing by reading them, more still if you study them carefully. This little book by Robert Sykes will help you to understand.

A former missionary to Africa, Bob Sykes has been teaching God's Word for many years. His books about the New Testament have been translated into at least three languages.

Robert Henry Sykes

Robert Henry Sykes was born in Michigan and served in the business world for many years. He and his wife, Wilma, were commissioned by their home church in Grand Rapids for missionary work in Angola. Now living in Montana, Bob Sykes is busy in a Bible teaching and church planting ministry.

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