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Food for New Believers

C. Ernest Tatham


Formerly known as 12 Bottles of Milk for New Believers, this book tells what everyone should know about the two natures, how to serve Christ, the second coming, etc.

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How to Exist on the Planet

Every human being needs food and water and fresh air. No one can live and grow without these things.

New believers have been born again. They have life but they need food and drink, the truth of God. They need the Bible.

This book, Food for New Believers by Mr. C.E. Tatham points out some of the truths which the new believer must know. Mr. Tatham fed the children of God for many years. Read the twelve chapter headings below and you will see how useful this book can be.

The twelve chapter titles are as follows.
1.  Faith, and how to get it
2.  How can I know that I am saved
3.  My two Natures
4.  God's power in me
5.  Baptism and the Lord's Supper
6.  Be Separate from the world
7.  How to Pray
8.  The Church and the Bible
9.  Priests who Worship and Serve
10. How to Serve the Master
11. The Lord will come again
12. Crowns and Rewards

C. Ernest Tatham

Mr. C. Ernest Tatham has been helping Christians grow for many years. He first prepared these twelve studies as a correspondence course for the Emmaus Bible School. The course was revised to its present form by the editors of Everyday Publications Inc.

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