The Life of Love

Anne Barnett


In this practical booklet, Mrs. Barnett examines the different ways we can show God’s love to the people we live with, at home, in our local church and in the world outside.

The most wonderful thing one might say about the Creator is this: God is love. He loved the world, He gave His Son.

All members of God's family should show in their lives the nature of their heavenly Father.

A. Introduction
B. Loving at Home
C. Loving in the Church
   1. Submitting
   2. Being Humble
   3. Giving Honor
   4. Forgiving
   5. Helping
   6. Encouraging
D. Loving the Lost
   1. Always Ready to Help
   2. Dependable
   3. Willing to Change our Plans
   4. Even-tempered
   5. Opportunity
E. Conclusion

Anne Barnett

Anne Barnett has raised six children while remaining active in the local church as well as her writing ministry.

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