The Whisper & the Roar

Anne Barnett


God in Creation
Much is to be learned about the Lord as we study His demonstration of power and control in our world. God is not silent nor is He hidden. He speaks with a whisper and a roar!

God created the world and all that is in it. The universe tells us of God's eternal power, that God is God, Nature is a picture book teaching God's wisdom and His tender care for all His creatures.

Nature is also God's mouthpiece. He gives times of blessing and times of suffering. He speaks to men, sometimes softly, and sometimes by natural disaster, with great force. Now with a Whisper, now with a Roar.

Ann Barnett, mother of six, has seen God's hand throughout her life. In this book she shows from the world of nature the different ways in which God speaks. It is all to reveal His tender love to every person. Even His "roar" is used to bring people to Himself.

Anne Barnett

Anne Barnett has raised six children while remaining active in the local church as well as her writing ministry.

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