The Creatures As Teachers

Jean Dougan


God is the creator of all nature.

God is the creator of all nature. He created the birds, fish, animals, and man. Man alone of earth's creatures has rebelled against God. It is sad to learn that birds, fish, and animals often obey God when men disobey, but the lesson is valuable. This is just what Jean Dougan brings out in her book.

As a leader and Bible teacher for many years at Camp Mini-Yo-We, Jean Dougan learned to love nature and its lessons. As in all her books, these devotional studies, The Creature as Teachers, will help you to love God more and to serve Him better.

Jean Dougan

Canadian author Jean Dougan (1916-2003), was a home maker, poet, and author. For years she has written poems for Smoke Signals a camp magazine; and every year the words for the camp hymn. These hymns have been published under the title Themes from the Classics. Mrs. Dougan has also contributed to five volumes of The Looking Glass, daily devotional readings for teens. Jean Dougan has drawn many practical lessons from the Living Word of God.

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