They Deceived They Paid

Jean Dougan


God has recorded in the Bible a number of people who have tried deceiving. The author examines some of these people and shares lessons here for all.

Cheating is common in our society today. School exams, government officials, the world of business, home life. " Everybody does it. Anyone can get away with it." True? Almost every one tries to cheat, but no one gets away with it. Except for a short time, in this life only.

God Knows the hearts and thoughts of all men. The books will be opened. God will judge righteously all who have despised His mercy.

Of our Lord Jesus Christ God has recorded that no deceit was found in His mouth. Apparently His enemies were looking for an opportunity to accuse Him. His followers should be willing to pay the price of following Him. Their reward will be His approval, far more valuable than what they lost by telling the truth.

This another book from Jean Dougan has lessons for us all. Pray that it might be a blessing to many.

Jean Dougan

Canadian author Jean Dougan (1916-2003), was a home maker, poet, and author. For years she has written poems for Smoke Signals a camp magazine; and every year the words for the camp hymn. These hymns have been published under the title Themes from the Classics. Mrs. Dougan has also contributed to five volumes of The Looking Glass, daily devotional readings for teens. Jean Dougan has drawn many practical lessons from the Living Word of God.

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