They Just Said NO

Jean Dougan


Fighting and running away are two methods that may be used to overcome temptation. In this study, the author gives Bible examples of young and older people who Just Said No.

There is a time to fight and a time to run away.

Both methods may be used to overcome temptation. We are told to resist the devil and flee from passions.

Jean Dougan gives Bible examples of young people, and older, who Just Said No. The enemy is the same today as long ago. God has promised that He would not allow any temptation without giving His child enough strength to overcome. This book will help you.

Jean Dougan

Canadian author Jean Dougan (1916-2003), was a home maker, poet, and author. For years she has written poems for Smoke Signals a camp magazine; and every year the words for the camp hymn. These hymns have been published under the title Themes from the Classics. Mrs. Dougan has also contributed to five volumes of The Looking Glass, daily devotional readings for teens. Jean Dougan has drawn many practical lessons from the Living Word of God.

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