The Infallible Christ

J.M. Davies Stephen Hulshizer Albert Leckie Harold G. Mackay Raymond Oehm Allan N. Ure


An excellent symposium by six Bible teachers on the impeccability, immutability and unfailing character of the Lord Jesus Christ. Great material to settle the question: Could Jesus sin?

Could Jesus Sin? In this book, six authors ranging in age from 40 to twice that, agree on an emphatic answer in the negative.

If not, what was the purpose of the temptation? This question is also adequately answered in these pages.

Does it really matter? Certainly any question touching on our glorious Saviour is important. This book will not only answer your questions, it will lift your heart in praise to God.

J.M. Davies

J.M. Davies was born in Wales and went to India as missionary in 1920. He traveled the globe and had an extensive oral and written Bible teaching ministry.

Stephen Hulshizer

Stephen Hulshizer was born in Philadelphia and raised in a Christian home. Now living with his family in Pennsylvania, Mr. Hulshizer, a businessman, also serves as a Bible teacher in the local assembly.

Albert Leckie

Albert Leckie was born in Scotland and has been teaching God's Word for 30 years. He makes his home in Ayrshire, Scotland, but his frequent travels take him to all parts of Great Britain and Ireland as well as North America.

Harold G. Mackay

For over 50 years Harold Mackay served his Lord, first in Canada and then in North Carolina. He was a preeminent Bible teacher, speaking at conferences in Canada and in the USA, as well as in his home assembly in Greensboro. His objective was to glorify the Lord by preaching the gospel and building up New Testament assemblies.

Raymond Oehm

Raymond Oehm, a businessman, has been a serious student of the Scriptures for many years. In addition to his oral Bible teaching he has written several articles on theological subjects. Mr. Oehm lives with his family in California.

Allan N. Ure

Allan N. Ure graduated as a pharmacist from the University of Manitoba and served in his profession until retirement. However, for most of his life he has also been busy teaching the Word and serving the Lord's people.

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