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Alive & Free

R. E. Harlow


Commentary on the book of Romans

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All the books in the Bible are inspired but the letters of Paul contain some of the most wonderful truths about God. In Romans, the Holy Spirit shows us that in Christ Jesus we are alive and free - free from sin and the law, alive unto God. This verse by verse explanation of Romans will help you to understand these deeper truths.


Paul's letter to the Christians at Rome is one of the most important books in the Bible. The Holy Spirit told Paul what to write, and we can learn a great deal about God and how to be saved in this letter. The book of Romans has seven parts:

1. God has revealed the Good News, 1:1-17.
2. God will judge all men, 1:18 – 3:20.
3. God can save men from their sins, 3:21 – 5:21.
4. God can keep us from sinning, chapters 6 – 8.
5. God has His plans for Israel, chapters 9 – 11.
6. God wants us to live a holy life, chapters 12 – 15.
7. God honors His people who serve Him, chapter 16.

We will study every verse in all 16 chapters of Romans; let us ask the Lord to help us really to understand.

R. E. Harlow

Robert E. Harlow,a long-time commended worker, went to be with the Lord on March 10, 2003, five days short of his 95th birthday. He was co-founder of Emmaus Bible College, now located in Dubuque, Iowa, and founder, along with his wife, Gertrud, of Everyday Publications, Inc., in Port Colborne, ON. Dr. Harlow wrote more than fifty books, including Come and Dine: New Testament Readings for Every Day (1976). His,Can We Know God? (1958) was the first of a series of books he wrote in simple, "Everyday", English. It has sold some 500,000 copies in more than a dozen languages. A native of Toronto, he was also a missionary in the Belgian Congo.

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