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Rivers of Living Water

Gertrud Harlow


Rivers of Living Water! This is the promise of the Lord Jesus Christ to all who believe on Him.

John, the son of Zebedee, was given the privilege of being very close to the Lord Jesus and of writing the fourth Gospel about the Son of God. The Holy Spirit led John to write the deepest truths in the simplest language. No man can fully grasp all the teaching of John's Gospel, yet even new Christians can understand the language he used.

Gertrud Harlow

Gertrud (Koppel) Harlow was a missionary for 14 years in the Belgian Congo, involved primarily in literature and translation work, before her marriage to Dr. Harlow. She still continues in the work with revisions for Swahili as well as typesetting new French titles.She works from her home office at Park of the Palms, Florida.

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