William MacDonald


Home, Sweet Home.
"The world is but a great in, where we are to stay a night or two, and be gone; what madness is it to set our heart upon our inn as to forget our home." - Thomas Watson

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Such should be the attitude of every child of God. We are to be constantly looking towards Home, that City which has eternal foundations, whose Builder and Maker is God.

Here is a book that will help us do just that. In typical MacDonald style, he simply and vividly presents a biblical portrait of Heaven that not only moves our hearts to greater affection; it also moves our wills to greater action. For, not only is Heaven a destination; it is a motivation! As the author puts it: “Is it likely that when we see our Lord in Heaven, we will marvel that we did not love Him more, serve Him better, and live for Him more completely when we were here on earth?”

But what is Heaven Like?

It’s true that we won’t have all of our questions answered this side of Glory. But it’s surprising how much we can know about the place the Saviour has gone to prepare. If we just use the straight facts of Scripture and the clues that are strongly implied, we can form an amazingly detailed picture of an amazingly delightful place.

We look for a city which has foundations, whose Builder and Maker is God.

1. Only one Way to God?
2. How can we enjoy Heaven now?
3. Death or rapture?
4. The King there in His beauty
5. Who else will be there?
6. Who won’t be there?
7. What will be the central wonder of Heaven?
8. What will God reveal to us?
9. What is Heaven, itself, like?
10. Worship and Song
11. How will we serve?
12. What rewards will be given?
13. Previews of Heaven
14. Will there be food in Heaven?
15. Marriage in Heaven?
16. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb
17. Babies in Heaven?
18. Will we have knowledge of things on earth?
19. What about pet animals in Heaven?
20. Home at Last!


In Immanuel’s Land

William MacDonald

William MacDonald (January 7, 1917 - December 25, 2007) has authored over eighty books dealing with subjects such as evangelism and discipleship, church life, marital relations, as well as a best-selling Bible commentary. While pursuing a degree at Harvard (MBA), the Lord called him into the ministry. He served as President of Emmaus Bible College, as well as teaching many classes. He and O. Jean Gibson founded a discipleship school for young men at Fairhaven Bible Chapel in northern California. A favorite Bible teacher to many, he traveled and spoke at conferences throughout the United States and Canada. He makes his home in Heaven.

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