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Prove Your Faith - Studies in James

Gertrud Harlow


A simple commentary on the book of James.

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Only God knows the heart and the thoughts of every man. He can tell if any person has true faith and is really born again,

Other people can see only what this person does. His actions prove that he has faith, or that he doesn't.

James was concerned because many people seemed to think that they could say they were Christians, then do as they pleased. Perhaps some of them were real Christians, but they did not live like Christians. To all such - and to us - the message of James is PROVE by YOUR actions that you really have FAITH.

Gertrud Harlow

Gertrud (Koppel) Harlow was a missionary for 14 years in the Belgian Congo, involved primarily in literature and translation work, before her marriage to Dr. Harlow. She still continues in the work with revisions for Swahili as well as typesetting new French titles.She works from her home office at Park of the Palms, Florida.

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