Series: God's Mission Series

God's Rescue Mission - Year 1: Teacher Guide

Brian Cretney


What is God’s Rescue Mission?
In one word: the GOSPEL!

God's Rescue Mission is a great tool for not only existing School Ministries’ programs, but also for those interested in starting new programs. I know that with great teachers this curriculum will have a life-changing impact on students.
Ken Breivik
National Executive Director, School Ministries Inc.

God’s Rescue Mission. . . incorporates all the elements of an effective curriculum. [It is] first and foremost consistently biblical and Christ-centered. It introduces students, unfamiliar with God’s word, to the foundational truths of the Bible, a biblical worldview, and Jesus, while at the same time addressing the need to disciple students who have come to know Jesus...
Milton V. Uecker Ed.D
Professor Emeritus, College of Education, Columbia International University Director of the Lowrie Center for Christian School Education

For Bible education teachers, the lessons that follow will make your journey easier! They are creative, engaging, and fun. They are scripturally sound. They are well organized with abundant information and content. They faithfully present the Gospel message every time with clearly defined steps. Each lesson contains a variety of tools for every level of teacher or volunteer that may use them.
Jennifer Kaylor
Executive Director & Teacher Students in the Word

School Ministries has been involved in the Release Time Religious Education program for nearly 30 years and has thousands of students who participate every year. They refer to it as Release Time Bible Education as they introduce public school students to the Word of God. Their main goal is to “assist Christians across the country to start, sustain, and grow Release Time Bible Education (RTBE) programs” in their states.

Unit 1: God Wrote a Book!
Looking Ahead – About This Unit
Lesson 1 – What’s It All About?
Lesson 2 – Couldn’t, Wouldn’t, Shouldn’t
Lesson 3 – But There Are So Many Religions!

Unit 2: One Amazing Purpose!
Looking Ahead – About This Unit
Lesson 1 – Wise Advice
Lesson 2 – God Never Says “Oops!”
Lesson 3 – What Am I Worth to God?

Unit 3: Setting the Stage!
Looking Ahead – About This Unit
Lesson 1 – History is “HIS STORY”
Lesson 2 – ADAM: SIN-vasion!
Lesson 3 – NOAH: What We “Noah-Bout” God
Lesson 4 – ABRAHAM: Acting on God’s Promise
Lesson 5 – DAVID: Two Shepherd-Kings
Lesson 6 – From David to CHRIST

Unit 4: Presenting...Jesus!
Looking Ahead – About This Unit
Lesson 1 – Welcome, Jesus!
Lesson 2 – ONE Way to Heaven
Lesson 3 – TWO Choices: Receive or Reject
Lesson 4 – THREE Facts of the Faith
Lesson 5 – FOUR-Giveness: The Great Exchange
Lesson 6 – FIVE Words of Eternal Security

Unit 5: Everyone's Invited!
Looking Ahead – About This Unit
Lesson 1 – The Three Rs of Faith
Lesson 2 – Now or Later?
Lesson 3 – Take Off Your Mask — and Ask!
Lessons 4 & 5 – Show and Tell: Fun Ways to Help “Show” and “Tell” the Gospel

Unit 6: Living by Faith!
Looking Ahead – About This Unit
Lesson 1 – Fitting In
Lesson 2 – Change, Change, Change!
Lesson 3 – Be a LIGHT
Lesson 4 – Be HOLY (Make Pure Choices)
Lesson 5 – Be FOCUSED

APPENDIX: Memory Verse Tracking Chart

Brian Cretney

Brian and Jackie Cretney were commended to the grace of God on September 8, 2013 by Brockview Bible Chapel (St. Catharines, ON) where Brian also serves as an elder. His main duties at E.P.I. include typesetting, design and marketing. Before coming to E.P.I., Brian was an elementary school teacher for 13 years. Brian and Jackie have four children and one dog.

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