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Making Disciples of Christ in our Modern World

The One who called His disciples to “Come and follow” commissioned those same men to “Go and make” — to utilize what they had learned at the feet of the Master in order make other disciples who would, in turn, make other disciples. Our Lord’s mandate hasn’t changed. We are now called to...


This new title is a collaborative project by many brothers who are actively involved in discipleship today. This book is intended to equip the earnest Christian to effectively disciple someone else using the Lord’s example and methods.

Brian Cretney

Brian and Jackie Cretney were commended to the grace of God on September 8, 2013 by Brockview Bible Chapel (St. Catharines, ON) where Brian also serves as an elder. His main duties at E.P.I. include typesetting, design and marketing. Before coming to E.P.I., Brian was an elementary school teacher for 13 years. Brian and Jackie have four children and one dog.

J. B. Nicholson Jr.

Jabe Nicholson, Canadian-born, makes his home in Starkville, Mississippi. He and his wife, Louise, are blessed with seven children. Having been involved in Christian publishing for a number of years, Mr. Nicholson has authored many articles and several books. He travels extensively to teach and preach the Word of God and has been editor of the Choice Gleanings Calendar and Uplook Magazine.

Warren Henderson

Warren Henderson was an aerospace engineer and now serves the Lord with his wife Brenda in "full time" ministry. They were commended to the Lord’s work by Believers Bible Chapel in Rockford, Illinois in 1998. Warren is an itinerant Bible teacher and is involved in family counseling, writing, evangelism, and church planting.

Nathan Bramsen

NATE BRAMSEN serves with ROCK International in the capacity of Executive Director. In 2018, he married Priyanka Mathews (now Bramsen) of Houston, TX and today carries out a global itinerant speaking schedule, internet ministries, and helps oversee international missional endeavors. He and Priyanka share a vision to see this younger generation mobilized among the unreached. Nate is the author of “WHAT IF JESUS MEANT WHAT HE SAID?” and "PROSPER". He has a passion and heart to see today's youth be unconditional followers of Jesus

Sandy McEachern

SANDY McEACHERN has taught the Scriptures for many years – locally in Canada, in North America and internationally. Over the years, he has been involved in multiple camp ministries and continues to maintain an interest in young people and their growth in the Lord. As a part of that growth, he has emphasized and taught courses on HOW TO STUDY THE BIBLE to numerous groups. The material from those seminars makes up the bulk of this book. He has an MA (History) from the University of Western Ontario and currently owns and manages a property development company.

Steve Price

Dr. Steve Price and Janet Price live in the Kansas City area and attend the Bible Chapel of Shawnee. They have nine children and seven grandchildren. They have been in fellowship there for 35+ years. Currently, Steve serves as an elder and was commended to full time work in 2017. Their ministry includes an itinerant element, discipleship training in both local Assemblies and in various training programs (DITP and the Ezekiel Project), medical missions, Israel tours, and providing telemedical assistance to missionary and full-time workers through Assembly Care Ministries. Janet likewise serves the Lord alongside Steve and in the management of their family and one-on-one ministry. Their first love is the Lord and they rejoice in serving Him. The Scripture for their lives is Joshua 24:15, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Scott DeGroff

Scott DeGroff and his wife Lynn serve the Lord in California where they have been called to “Go and make disciples”. Their burden is for all of North America to realize how amazing Jesus Christ is and to enter into His abundant life! (filled with all the fullness of God, Eph.3). Years ago Scott would have thought he didn’t have time to make disciples, but hearing the subject of discipleship biblically laid out he came to the joyful understanding that making disciples was his whole life. Chasing Christ up the mountain and then by grace seeking to help others in that journey was what the Lord had given him to do. There is no greater journey or pursuit. God help us!

Jerry Mattix

Jerry Mattix was born to missionaries Mark and Carol Mattix still serving in Bolivia where he spent the first 17 years of his life. Inspired by his parents’ passion for missions he attended Emmaus Bible College where he was exposed to the need for the gospel in the Middle East. At Emmaus he also met his wife, Sarah Landrum, an MK from Mexico. Upon commendation from Tieton Drive Bible Chapel in Yakima, WA, they launched out to Turkey in 2001. Their three children were born there even as they served with the Diyarbakir Church in southeastern Turkey. They quickly recognized the need for discipleship training which took the form of a yearly Bible school under the auspices of the local church. After 12 fruitful years in Turkey Jerry was expelled for 'missionary activity' and so their family relocated to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. In Cyprus disciple making has taken on a new urgency as they minister to people flocking to the island from all over the Middle East. Sarah's trauma counseling ministry and Jerry's online programs and many books are some of the ways they continue to make disciples across the region.

Micah Tuttle

Micah Tuttle and his wife Amy have been married for 27 years and along the way God has blessed them with 6 wonderful children. The Tuttles were commended to the Lord’s work by Eastgate Bible Chapel in Portland Oregon in the year 2000. Soon after commendation they went to Peru where they began to work as missionaries in the Andes mountains and in the Amazon rainforest. The Lord enabled them to start a few churches and Bible institutes in the jungle where the work is now being carried on by Peruvian believers. Presently, the Tuttles are based in the USA and are working to encourage a younger generation in the areas of evangelism, discipleship, church planting and missions. Soul winning is a major focus in everything that Micah does as he attempts to share the gospel with anyone and every-one, anywhere he can.

Jamie Martin

Jamie and Darla Martin were married in 1989 and have three grown children and a daughter-in-law who are all active in serving the Lord. They are new grandparents and reside in Sudbury, Ontario. Jamie is an elder at Sudbury Bible Fellowship, a regular Bible teacher throughout Ontario, and a former editor of Uplook Magazine. He loves hosting Bible studies and conferences, including the infamous Bible Study Week in Sudbury each spring.

Terry Wilson

Terry Wilson and his wife Shirley have been privileged to serve the Lord full-time in several assembly ministries including Loizeaux Brothers, Camp Li-Lo-Li and Emmaus Worldwide. He now serves as President of Everyday Publications. Terry was born in Africa, the son and grandson of missionaries. Terry and Shirley are in fellowship at Arbor Oaks Bible Chapel, Dubuque IA. They were commended to full-time ministry to the Lord’s work by the saints at Grace Chapel, Jamestown NY in 2011. During his time at Camp Li-Lo-Li, Terry discipled many young men who served there as interns during the off-season. He also led the Discipleship initiative to rekindle efforts by local churches while at Emmaus Worldwide

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