¿Primero yo?Mimi Kwanza?

Me First?

David Boyd Long


Studies on Discipleship
You cannot accept Jesus Christ as Savior unless you also accept Him as Lord. There is only one Jesus Christ—He is both Lord and Savior. Me First? should be CHRIST FIRST!

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Me First? Of course. I have a right to what is mine. Who will take care of me if I do not protect my own property and my own life? Everybody does the same.....

So says everyone. Still there just might be a better way. Read what the Lord Jesus Christ taught His followers. You can't accept Him as your Saviour unless you accept Him as your Lord. There is only one Jesus Christ: He is both Lord and Saviour! Me First should be Christ First. In this book Mr. David Boyd Long shows that the Lord Jesus Christ taught this great truth in many different ways. The Christian has been bought with a price and Christ must be first, supreme, his only Lord.

David Boyd Long

David Boyd Long was born in Ireland and served as a missionary in Angola for over 30 years. The primary focus of his ministry was translating the Bible into Chokwe and teaching the Word over a wide area. When the Longs had to leave Angola because of the civil war, they returned to Canada, continuing a widely accepted ministry around the world. Mrs Long passed away in 1982; Mr Long remarried the following year; subsequently moving back to Ireland where he passed away early in 2007.

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